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10 Options in Treating Mesothelioma Asbestos

10 Options in Treating Mesothelioma Asbestos

Mesothelioma Asbestos

As with any other cancer, mesothelioma treatment depend on the location of the cancer, the disease progression, age and health of the patient.

It is the oncologist in the disease, which will decide on the line of specialized treatment. The disease is difficult to treat and in most cases, the prognosis is bad. Treatment options include:

If the diagnosis is first made at an early stage of the operation, may recommend that you remove all the cancerous tissue. This means, thoracoscopy, vats or video-assisted thoracic surgery, mediastinoscopy (used for staging), or laproscopy. Often, doctors recommend palliative procedures such as chest tube drainage and pleurodesis, thoracoscopy and pleurodesis or pleurectomy pleuroperitonial shunt to treat the symptoms of mesothelioma rather than the disease.

The second is aggressive radiation for patients with mesothelioma is often prescribed and administered in combination with surgery or palliative symptom control. Research on the use of radiotherapy with implants or UV light therapy is currently in good health than traditional radiation therapy damages surrounding tissues.

Chemotherapy is a third option and around 12-20% of patients respond to drugs. Anticancer drugs destroy cancer cells and prevent their spread. In mesothelioma, chemotherapy is not curative. The aim is to prevent the spread of the disease, known to reduce the tumor before surgery, as neoadjuvant therapy to destroy remnants of the tumor in the body after surgery and pain and other symptoms, relieve chemotherapy palliative. Experts recommend premetrexed cisplatin with the prescription. These drugs have shown positive results, which is now standard therapy for mesothelioma can not be treated by surgery.

4th Biological therapy with interleukin-2.

5th immunotherapy, where the body's immune system is stimulated to fight the disease. Biological response modifiers, BRMs, are used in treatment. This improvement in immune function, regulate metabolic reactions that promote cancer growth, block the change in cancer cells dividing, or reverse the processes that lead to the development of cancer and prevent the spread of cancer.

The sixth gene therapy, which attempts the sequence of the gene that causes cancer are correct. There are two kinds of gene therapy and gene therapy replacement knockout.

Seventh administration of lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering medication.

8th photodynamic therapy, where a light sensitive drug is activated with a laser. This is done during the surgical removal of cancerous tissue.

9th to prevent drainage of fluid in the chest or abdominal cavity through the introduction of drugs into the cavity fluid is followed for patients who have uncontrolled fluid accumulation and intense discomfort of having done.

10th trimodal combination therapy or therapy, surgery with radiotherapy and chemotherapy and resources.

Often, complementary medicines are used. Refers to this type of holistic treatment focuses on physical elements of a patient, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In the case of mesothelioma, the incurable can be for clinical trials of new therapies that are underway in several laboratories and centers is Opt. The best advice to the line of treatment is recommended by the oncologist or physician.

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